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October 2013:

Currently accepting entries for the Crypticon Seattle writing contest! Please visit their site for more information:

The Blysster Press Social site is ready! Please join us: Readers, writers, fans, friends, and new people are all welcome.

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Blysster Press crew Charity Becker
Clockwise from left: A. Maire Dinsmore, Joe Teeples, Charity Becker, Born, Kyona Jiles, Clyde Wolfe, M.R. Reeves, R.L. Reeves. Photo by David Goodfellow of Fangoria Magazine.


Honesty and Integrity in a World Sorely Lacking:

Blysster Press takes NO money from the sales of our authors' books. Charity & Born both volunteer their time, talents, and connections to help deserving authors achieve their goals of publication, all while teaching the authors how to safely navigate the publishing world and avoid being taken advantage of.

Charity, our Editor-in-Chief, believes ALL education should be free. . .

. . .that's why Blysster offers FREE advice and lessons to budding authors. Charity personally answers all the emails coming in and she spends time with each and every person seeking help or guidance. All that time spent answering emails takes its toll though. Blysster isn't free to run. Charity pays out of her own pocket to keep the publishing house running, while asking nothing in return from the authors.

They all ganged up on her though and insisted they be given an opportunity to give back. Charity refused to take a cut of their sales, but she did (finally) agree to a donation system. Those who CAN donate are welcome to do so, but those who cannot pay are NOT expected to.